Not, hey, huy (or maybe hoie). That's the feeling I have now. My school day is over. Today was my first day with the car-pool, and that is fine. Easy because I don't have to drive or talk. Having a total of 4 people means I can fade it. Anyways.

First day of using Mathematics in Context. That was interesting. We got through 2 questions and I assigned #3 as homework. That means it took about 20 minutes to do one question! Ouch! Hopefully they will quicken up as the kids get back into the groove. But it is kinda challenging. And they have to do the teaching basically. I am just a guide and a resource. Eh.

My leg is still redish and still kinda swollen, but not that bad at all. I showed the team and they said I should take some Benadryl. I don't know, we'll see.


hockeyfrog said...

Benedryl will help with the swelling and redness. It might be(e) (haha sorry) too late for this, but I know when I got stung by a wasp a few summers back I made a paste of meat tenderizer (the kind that has papaya in it) and put it on the sting, it helps break down the venom... but Im not sure how soon you have to do that. That and Shannon might start salivating over your arm thinking its steak if you put the tenderizer on it (kidding!).. but I'd say definitely go with the benedryl.

Braveharte said...

Well the good news is that if you get stung in the next month, it won't hurt nearly so much as this time. :) Very useful eh? Ice helps the swelling and the pain.

Jamie Dawn said...

I hope your school year goes well, and that you help produce little math wizards.
My son has several mosquito bites right now that are driving him mad. I know that's not as bad as yours, but I also know that misery loves company.