A Day Trip

Today was, well, packed. I woke up, showered, went to Lafene and the Housing and Dining building. Then to Panera and then drove to Wichita. Then, we got our hairs fried, then we brought Jayme to work, then walked around Town West. After that we ate dinner, then dropped Mom off, then got gas and drove home. Done.

Now a little bit of detail. Maria no longer lives at Smurthwaite. Here's why...

During the summer, when shown rooms, she was only shown 4 people room and told that usually only 3 people stay in them.--She was put in a small 2 person room.

She was told she could go get a snack whenever she wanted, just had to clean up after herself.--Was told today she couldn't be in the kitchen unless she was cooking or cleaning.

Was told that duties are barely noticeable, that they go by quickly.--She recieved more hours than expected, all of which were on the weekends or in the evening.

Her room-mate (although very nice) went to sleep early and didn't want any visitors or noise after her bed time.

Her room (the small 2 person one) was in the basement and in bad storms it floods, bad.--She wasn't told this she just experienced it.

So, between it all and bad food and just worries and such, she moved to Ford hall. We'll see how that goes.

Also, the reason we dropped Jayme off at work is this...She said she heard a *pop* and got out to check. "No flat. Okay, maybe something fell off." So she checked. Nope. But she did see the wires! Yich. She managed to finally get off the lug nuts (only after some hammering, and bending) and Jerry showed up and she made it out. Sheesh.

We ate at Ted's Montana Grill. Very good. We will probably go there again. They had lotsa bison meat with a great atmosphere and decent prices. The only thing was, we got forgotten and had to wait about 30-45 minutes for our food, ouch. But still good enough to go back.


Braveharte said...

I thought Ford was nice the few times I stayed there. Tracey Hewson and Meg Goodman both lived there. I think Maria will like it.

AJ said...

Because I tend to see what I WANT to see, I read "Jerry showed up and she made out."

I think it livens up the story a little, but then I don't know Jerry.

The Math Ninja said...

That would liven up the story.

Karen said...

Mmmm, bison meat. It would be so great to have a restaurant like that nearby. We usually cook up bison burgers on the barbeque. We almost never have beef anymore.