Estes Fun

Yesterday we went to Estes Park. Ajuua! Here is Chris in his ancestoral Native American state. Lookin' authentic! (The head dress cost 675$ on sale!)

After wandering and purchasing we went to Rocky Mountain National Park. Well, we got here almost an hour after we wanted to. Miscommunications with the two cars and not turning or turning and this and that made for a stressful/crappy hour of travel. But we finally made it there and paid our 20$ to go in.

Last time we went to the park and drove the road, Shannon drove and I freaked out (and with that came a rather large load of rudeness)! You are going up a mountain and one side there is the other lane and to the other, a cliff! Not yay. I am afraid of heights and sitting in the passenger seat was such a horrible experience! All day I was kinda prepping myself to not be afraid. So when we got there, we looked at the situation. We wanted to: 1. Drive through the park and not die. 2. Take good pictures along the way.

Seeing as Shannon, Michlle, and I can drive. But only Shannon and Michelle take good pictures, we came to a decision. I would drive! Ah! But I did it, and we arrived back safely. I was so scared! There we just patches of fog where you couldn't see the road and you just had to go about 15-20 mph hugging the yellow line! So scary! But it was worth it. We got some great pictures and by the time we were driving down, I was able to go the speed limit (35)! Definately a good time.

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