Money Spent...

Wow. I have so much cool calculator stuff for the classroom! From last year I have about 25 TI-34 (below) calculators for use. They cost about 20-25$ each.

This year I got 30(!) TI-84+ Silvers (below)! That is awesome! They cost about 120-130$ each! They graph and that isn't all.

I also have more stuff. I have a TI Presenter (below). It hooks up to a TV and shows what's on the calculator! So the students can just hook their up and show what they have! Sweet. And just in case that isn't cool enough...

I also have the coolest cool thing. It's call a TI Navigator (below) and it is awesome. It allows me to get immediate feedback and see what the students are doing! I am so excited! Ah!

The main hub hooks up to my computer and then to the charger for the hubs for the calculators. That middle piece above has 4 cords and hooks up to 4 calculators. The students have it at their group and the hub sends data back to my computer! I am so excited! I tried to hook it up, but I can't install the software because the district has some new stuff going on. Oh! But isn't it cool!

Check out Texas Instrument's website for more info if you want. But it's cool!

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