More of the Painted

Ah, a second Necromancer. He is greatly improve the "goodness" of my army! I painted bats and a moon on his cloak. So no, it's not just that I goofed and didn't fix it, its supposed to be something.

So, if they 64 models of zombies I'll have isn't enough, I've got me some grave markers as well. (Check the guy digging his way out!)

Perhaps my best unit, Grave Gaurd. I got them all killed last time, but they looked good doing it.

Evil doom wolves, they burn quite easily!

Some rusty weapon equipped ghouls (and one of my fences)

My 3 completed Zombie Pirates. Can you say "Arrg!"

And that helps my Vampire Count army out a lot. Today I got 22 more Zombie Pirates. When I am done with all I have, I will have 64 models and bout 10 grave markers. S-w-e-e-t!

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