11ed and Movied

While trying to teach my students something interesting, I goofed. I knew there was a rule for testing if a number was divisible by 11. Here's what I wanted to say:
A number is evenly divisibly by 11 if the difference between the sum of the odd numbered digits (1st, 3rd, 5th...) and the sum of the even numbered digits (2nd, 4th...) is divisible by 11.

It is pretty neat that for every number 1-11 we have a rule. Fun times.

Last night we watched The Brother's Grimm. It had just about every fairy tale in it. Okay movie. The banshee (yay) at the beginning was sweet. Okay movie. I would probably buy it and hope they had lotsa deleted scenes. There were jumps and random happenings in the movie. But pretty good.

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