Money Spent

Shopping, purchasing, Zipping. That was yesterday. We went to FlatIron Crossing by Boulder and walked around a bunch (shopping). At Dick's Sporting Goods (above), we spent a total of 270$ between us all. Purchased:
120$ Inline skates for 60$ (Chris)
150$ Winter boots for 50$ (Shannon)
40$ Softball cleats for 30$ (Michelle)
100$ Winter boots for 35$ (Gary)
and a series of 5 various tackle boxes (for our GW models) that should have cost about 150ish$, for the rest (Shann, Nicole, Jenette, Chris)

Sweet...40% off makes things cheaper. Michelle also got some shoes with name on them. Cool huh? (Purchasing)

We took the free Zip shuttle around and that was fine. Slow at times, and bumpy always, but free. (Zipping)

Today: Randomness at Longmont

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