What a Battle! (with pictures)

Well, the battle went for SO long. We set-up around 6:00 pm and then ate dinner and got back around 8:30pm. We started to play and didn't end until about 7:30 am! Wow!

Here's a quickie of how it went down.
Evil Players:
Chaos - Aaron/Jenette - 1723
Dark Elf - Aaron - 700
Goblin - Jenette - 849
Tomb Kings - Shannon - 2722
Vampire Counts - Nicole - 2082

Good Players:
High Elf - Chris - 1056
High Elf - Newgen - 3018
Lizardmen - Chris - 1510
Ogre Kingdoms - Newgen - 2556

Here is a battle after we set up the troops. Evil is on the left (bottom) and Good, the right (top).
We started out fairly even. Then Evil kinda started to fall apart on one side and do real well on the other (I guess we weren't set up very well). But after turn 4, Good started to do better. Newgen's High Elf Dragon special character (below) started to eat and burn everything. Yich. But my old (two generations ago!) Zombie Dragon (not special character) did okay too.

My zombies did awesome! One fo the two unitis (87 pts) ran over High Elf Swordmasters (224 pts) and then a HE Bolt Thrower (100 pts). Then my other zombie unit (72 pts) ran over HE Silverhelms (244 pts). So I had some helpful rolls! The picture below is just a cool pic of Chris' Kroxigor.

But Shannon wasn't as lucky. His Bone Giant (220 pts) was held up by an Ogre SlaveGiant (175 pts). The way the battle (below) went, since the Bone Giant had a lower Initiative, he always went last and the Slave Giant didn't even let him attack back (most of the time)! So, the Bone Giant eventually died, :(.

Finally, after many bad rolls and good rolls and wrong moves and right moves, the end of turn 6 came and we were done! Added up the losses and compared the difference. For an 8000 pt per side battle, we wound up ending in a draw. A draw. 12 hours worth of work and we didn't even have a winner. Dang.

This is crazy. A mid-battle picture. It just looks like utter chaos (haha). But actually it was an organized attack on the wrongful forces of Good. (I like my Evil Vamire Counts espically my zombies! woot!)

Dang. I like this game. :)


hockeyfrog said...

That looks really cool with all the pieces laid out!

The Math Ninja said...

Yeah, it did! Chris made a really neat river (it's in the first pic).

Crunch said...

Whoa... that lukes like sooo much fun.
I gotta learn how to play that game.

Ookami Snow said...

It could be argued that the Good side won a minor victory. The chart did not go high enough (^_^) to say how many points were needed for a draw and how many are needed for a minor victory.

In any case it was close, your guys did surprisingly well, and my guys did pretty poorly.

Oh well, fun times anyways. :)