We played disc golf today (along with other activities). Some set up, there are a lot (a lot lot) of people on campus because school starts tomorrow. So we were trying to go through the course quickly. We were on one of our own holes and Chris threw his disc. Then he couldn't find it. So we were all looking through the bushes and no luck. Arrg. It had to be somewhere. Then I get this weird feeling on my leg, like something is stinging it or I have a thorn in my pants. Eeek, it did it again. So I freak out and think that there is a bee in my pants. I bang my leg a lot and eventually, a bee falls out! Eek! I had a bumble bee in my pants! Turns ou the little bugger (pictured below) flew up my right leg and scratched/stung me four times! Ouch. Since I'm not allergic, I am fine. But my leg did swell a little and it does feel kinda odd. Thanks to Jenette and Chris for their bug zappy thing.
Well, I have a good story to tell the kids tomorrow!


The Rev said...

Uhh...I don't get it. I thought bees lost their stinger in the person/animal that they stung. How could it have stung you four times? Is it dead in that picture? Cause once a bee stings you and the stinger comes off, it (the bee) dies. What's that all about? ;)

The Math Ninja said...

It's true...I was more scratched then stung. Because Mr. Bee flew away and around me some more when released from my pants.