Still Can't Stand Him

Ricky Williams that is. Who gives a crap how he plays, he is a loser. Half of the NFL it the way it works and that included its players. Ricky Williams and T.O. are making the NFL look crappy. Rrg.


Crunch said...

Had my fantasy football draft this evening and I can say that I'm lucky enough not to have to draft either one of them on my team. I'm sure they will rack up some points but I am taking a moral stand and just not worrying about them on my team.

On another note, I see in your "about me" the equation e^[i(pi)]+1=0.

Now it's been a while since my analysis class so I don't know if you have some special limit in mind, but isn't e^[i(pi)] strictly positive? In which case that plus one >= 1? Oh wait wait wait... by i do you mean the imaginary numer i? OMG I have a math degree and I completely forgot all those special formulas regarding i. What a putz I am.

The Math Ninja said...

:) Yeah, the number i. Don't mind it though...I'm just pleased someone noticed!

Yeah, my fantasy team usually doesn't do too well because I draft players I like, even though they might not get me as many points.