More Best Summer Ever Points

And they are really making it the best ever!

Mission #29: Visit A Friend
The trip to Minnesota wasn't just fun, it was super-fun! Since we spent 4 nights at their house, I get 2800 points!

Mission #96: Visit States
Through Missouri, Iowa, and Minnesota. I am at school now, so I'll post the pics later. Total for 3 states, 2 with signs... +400 (Shannon took video and I just took a pic of the video, that's way it's SO crappy looking)

Mission #99: Eat Out
We ate at 1-Fasika, 2-Green Mill, 3-Big Bowl, 4-Cossetta's, 5-Pizza Nea, 6-Fazzolli's, 7-On the Border, 8-Aladdin's Cafe, and 9-Old Chicago. 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, and 9 needed tip. Brings the total to +800.

Total Thus Far: 11,600

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