Better luck this time

04 July 4th 111 Street
That's me running off of Anderson.

04 July 4th 115 Tree
Then Jenette threw her disc in "the bushes." They are evil and prickly. So Chris and I carried over part of a small tree and threw it on the bushes and then Chris climbed our new tree and somehow dropped the disc. Then Shannon crawled on his hands and knees and pulled with a stick to get the disc out. Time spent: about 20 minutes Discs freed: 1 Blood lost: about 1 mL (while leaning on the "tree" to help Chris, a 1/2" long thorn was in my leg and when I backed away, I was like, "hey, is that blood?" and it was and it made a 3/4" diameter circle on my pants.) Oh yeah, I also chewed my arm up a little in the process. I look like I've been lashed by some small rodent on my right arm.

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