Days 5 & 6

Ah, almost done! Only one day left, almost exactly time wise. The campers should be gone by about 4 and it's 3 now...so 25 hours! Yay! I am having a good time, don't get me wrong, but, I am very tired and I really miss Shannon!

Skit is tomorrow and that should be fun. Tonight is the awards show and a "party." The kids said it was lame last year. Eh, I can stay in my room and just sit...or something.

So I found something out today. We own Love Hina, the anime series. We have been watching it during the week, about 9 episodes done. So, Kay-sensei came in today while it was on and told me something about it between episodes. She said that only young girls (under 10) watch it, and "strange" boys. Hmm...it makes sense, but I never would have guessed. But, eh. It's still entertaining. Not the best by far, but entertaining.

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Ookami Snow said...

But since she has never heard of Cowboy Bebop, her anime opinions hold little credit.