More Fireworks

Since my last post was killed, here are some more pics from Independence Day.

Here is another one from Thunder over Manhattan.

July 4th Rose
This is a rose we set off around 12:30am.

July 4th Fountain
This is one of the fountains we set off. It might even be Killer Bees, I can't tell.

July 4th Roman Candle
This one is really cool. Chris, Shannon, and Aaron (or Jenette) each had a Roman Candle and were trying to kill some tanks we had set off earlier. I got this one picutre that shows all three of their trails. It is fun because the top one is a differernt type and it made a really awesome trail!

So there you have a little more. You can click on any of the pics to get to a larger size in Flickr. It was a good time. Even though Manhattan's show wasn't fabulous, we got some really good pictures out of it. Shannon has another good one up.

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