A Better Look

Like I said. We went to Wichita. On the way down, our car decided to overheat. Very annoying. The last 30 minutes of our drive was without the AC and with the heater, iew. For more on that see Shannon's blog. We got there about 2:15pm Wednesday and then after an episode with the copier cartridge we went to the "hair" place. To fix the copier Mom had to take out the toner remove the top part and put the toner back with a 1"diameter opening on top. To anyone working at ARSI Wichita: "Do Not Move the Toner!"

At the "hair" place, me, Mom, and Jayme had our hairs "fried." That is how my Mom liked to put it. Then we ate at the over priced, but tasty Red Rock Canyon. $120 for 5 people to eat lunch! Ouch. Then to Jayme's and then to a Wranglers game. The game was fine. It was better for my mom because while there she got a phone call from Stan. Stan is her real estate agent and the offer she made on a house, that was rejected, was now accepted! My mom is no longer homeless in Wichita! Woo hoo! So we made plans to see the house at 10am Thursday morning.

That night we slept at Kecia's house. Kecia is the owner of ARSI, the company my mom works for. Her house is really nice. It is in a development that has all of it's houses off the water. So she has a dock in her back yard. She has all the rooms done in bold colors with awesome decor. Below is a picture of her dining room from the first floor living room. The kitchen with a nook is to the right and to the left is the entry, stairs, master suite, her daughter's room, and a nice bathroom.

Slept on a Temperpedic pillow, and possibly bed. Very nice. 7 hours of sleep is equivalent to at least 13 hours on our mattress. Should get a new one. In the morning, we went to see Mom's new house. Mom's new house is nice. Here is a pic of the front of it. It has a nice kitchen with a nook and eat in section, a dining room, a sunken family room with a fireplace, and a living room on the main floor. Downstairs is a game room (for her pool table and foosball table) and a laundry/exercise room. Upstairs there is a master suite (complete with laundry shute!) an office, a spare bedroom, and Maria's bedroom. The yard is good sized too. It is a good house for Mom and in a good part of Wichita.
Maria left afterwards and we (Shann, Mom, and I) headed to UpTown Bistro for lunch. Very good and cheap too. It's in Downtown Wichita, by the Warren. After lunch, Mom decided to not go to work, so we went to Kecia's napped and watched some TV. At 6 I went with Jay (my sister) to get Jerry(her husband). We returned to Kecia's and Shannon and Jerry fixed our car while the gals ordered pizza and watched TV. We ate dinner, chilled a little and then headed home without any car problems. Thank you so much Jerry!

All in all a good trip! Got a lot of stuff done and saw my family! Now, onto some painting.

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