We played ice hockey. I didn't do good at all, but it was fun. Shannon, Newgen, and I wore our roller hockey pants (and were the only ones to) because we don't own socks! Eh, it was fun. Now I can say, I've played hockey in Minnesota. And I think there were about 2 players from the University of Minnesota hockey team. Cool beans.

Ate at Green Mill, not as good as the other food on the trip. We looked around the mall and they had this cute Asian store with all sorts of Sanrio stuff other Asian fun stuff. We finally found Zobmondo and bought it! Yay!
Then we kinda hung around went to a food store and ate food cooked by Julia and Pickle. Their Two-Onion Soup was really good! Putting sugar in when carmelizing the onions gave it a different flavor from the French Onion Soup Shann and I make. Very good.

We played Would you rather and it was so much fun! I laughed a lot and had a really good time. Julia won, so congrats to her.

Oh yeah! We also saw Julia's office and lab. She is working with pidgeons this summer and we got to see them. Quite fun. She found this gem of a computer in her building. Luckily for her to, she was just talking about getting a new laptop!
Woohoo! Go Compy go!

This is their crazy art building or art museum (I forget which, but it's still crazy!).

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