Oh, Day of Yummy Food!

Happy Birthday to Pickle!

Sad, he had to go to work...poor Pickle. Well, we went to Big Bowl Asain, yum. Then we went to The Source. A really big GW/comic/game store. Very fun. Lotsa dice, models, games, and comics. Did I say it was big? Oh, I did. Well, it was big. And they had these...
Pirate vs. Ninjas! Woo...and...
Ninjas vs. Pirates! Woo!

The rest of the day saw yummy Hot Apple Cider Thingy. Very, very good! Then to Cossetta's as a surprise for Pickle. We met up with 4 guys from his work and ate dinner. Julia also bought some cheesecake. Very good.

Oh, Day of Yummy Food!

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