Pictures Coming Soon

I've been painting. I have almost all my Grave Gaurd done and as soon as I do, I'll let ya seem 'em. They are alright. They were good in battle today.

Shannon and I (Tomb Kings and Vampire Counts) played against Ray and Forrest (Dark Elves and Chaos). It was really close and in the end it was so close it was a draw. But I had 8 Grave Gaurd to start but a carnivorous plant killed 4 of them. Then they fought with a spawn of chaos and no one died. Then were charged from the back by another spawn and still didn't die! The next turn however bad rolls for me didn't help and the two spawns killed me. But that means that 50 points of Grave Gaurd held up about 125 points of Chaos Spawn! Woo hoo! Good times.

On to painting!

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