Howdy, Howdy!

Well, I am back from Minnesota. I had a great time. Before I share the things I thought about, here is my trip in pictures. (Hopefully I don't take those Shannon wants!)

At Lawrence, we ate at On the Border, then went to Best Buy, Wal-mart, and Sonic. This van was in the parking lot by On the Border. What exactly do you suppose "Saving lives through plumbing" means?

Back at Newgen's, we had a Warhammer battle. Shannon (playing Tomb Kings) and I (playing Vampire Counts) battled against Newgen (playing High Elves). Eventually Shannon and I won, but it took a while! Here is my Grave Gaurd trying to approach Newgen's Sea Gaurd. Since I cause fear, almost everytime I charged, he failed his test and ran away!
Then we played too much Super Monkey Ball 2. But, eventually we were sleeping.

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