Declaration of War

To any Pirate Island country that drafts Ricky Williams of the Miami Dolphins for their PIFF team, I, the Queen of Snotvia, declare WAR on thee.

This has multiple reasons.
1. I hate the Miami Dolphins (for other reasons, not evil #34).
2. Ricky Williams insulted not only the Dolphins, but the NFL by leaving his team and breaking his contract.
3. Ricky Williams is simply coming back to pay off the $8.6 million debt, not for the game.

Again, I remind members of PIFF to beware.
The Queendom of Snotvia is a large, environmentally stunning nation, renowned for its compulsory military service.


Aaron Brown said...

The Armed Repbulic of Kreplachistan will support the Queendom/Dictatorship of Snotvia in any military actions against countries harboring Ricky Williams.

My country has the word "Armed" in our title, you don't wanna mess w/Kreplachistan alone, let alone the mighty-ness of Kreplachistan + Snotvia. :)

Braveharte said...

Hmm... next draft pick... William, R. Yes that is a good idea... uh... no... I'm not war mongering. Why do you ask?