PBSE Update

It's been a while since I've even thought of Project Best Summer Ever, and here's what happened since.

Mission #14
: Minor League Baseball.
Well, I saw the Wichita Wranglers play. That is Texas League baseball. +400
Mission #98: Watch a Movie.
I saw Willie Wonka today. The new one with Johny Depp, that is. Quite entertaining. Since I saw it in the theater, bonus points. +150
Mission #99: Eat Out.
This time I ate at Uptown Bistro in Downtown Wichita. Very good eats at good price too! +100
And I ate at Red Rock Canyon. The expensive place. +100
Mission #101: Game Olympics.
I almost forgot this one and it's a big one too! I played in all the events and placed in quite a few too. (As soon as I get all the flags, I'll post the results.) I "hosted" even though I didn't do much (so I'm just taking half the points). +800

I think that is all I can add so far. Go Snotvia!

Total Thus Far: 7150


Jamie Dawn said...

That PBSE is so neat! What fun to see how many points you can get.
I want to see the Willy Wonka movie too. Johnny Depp has been in some really good ones like Finding Neverland, and Pirates.

Jamie Dawn said...

I did some more poking around at your friend's PBSE site. Super idea! I hope you win!!!!