Finally there

Julia and Pickle live in Roseville which is basically St. Paul. They have a nice house, two dogs, and a cat. Here is Athos. He is about 1.5 years old. Their other dog is Cally, which I believe is short for Calla Lily (correct me if I'm wrong Julia).
They play all the time...rather cute. Here is their cat, Emily.

We had lunch and then went to the Mall of America. That was huge! I mean I figured it was big, but it was really big! We tried to buy Shann a hat, but no luck. We did get some fun stuff. We bought some Chocolate Cheese (aka Dairy Fudge), Cheese Curds (kinda salty), and Pork 'n Beans Jelly Beans (iew). That was the odd stuff. We also got some more Pirates of the Spanish Main cards and some Yankee candles (Fresh Grass, Ice Tea, and Autumn Leaves). Good times.

For dinner, we went to one of Julia's favorite places, Fasika. It is an Etheopain restaurant. Very ethnic. No silverware and kinda crappy service, but the food was good. Very odd. It looked kinda gross and you ate it with this bread called injera. It was like touching cool, clamy flesh. Quite odd. But really, no one got sick (except for Julia, her throat kinda turned red and shrunk a little) and it was pretty good.
Got some ice cream (because both Julia and I had a craving for it), returned to Pickle and Julia's and played some games, then off to bed.

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