Frustration Level Rising

What a fun day. We planned to grill at Chris n' Nette's around 6:30, so that meant we needed food now, which was about 2:30. To Panera! Land of soups and breads and I.C. Drinks! Awesome. We ate and got and I.C. Caramel, very good, but it has a big straw and I insisted upon playing with it. So, I ended up with two plops of drink on my USA t-shirt...boo!

Okay, "I don't want food in 3 hours! Lets eat after the fireworks and go play disc golf now!" Yay! It was a day. Wow. First the scores...
Nicole: a whopping 93! oh, wait, you want little points...
Jenette: 88
Shannon: 70
Chris: 64! That ties with Shannon for best score on campus (I think)
Bravo Chris! Bravo.

But the fun doesn't end there, oh no, disc golf was...eventful. We had to search for discs about 4 times. We hit some building and trees as normal. But, on hole five, I pulled a Shannon. Yep, into the street. Luckily, I didn't spend much time whining and there was a lull in traffic. I jumped (sorta) down two 3 foot tall stone walls, and ran into the four lane road and wildly threw my disc back onto the course! Then I gracefully ran back and had to go up those same walls I jumped down. Sadly, it wasn't as easy. Wall 1: tried to grab my chest but I was able to get away with only a bruise (really, I got a bruise!). Wall 2: enlisted the aid of my husband to less painfully get back up. Thanks Shannon!
Okay, I can't get any pictures to upload! Argh!

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