"Arrg" and ..."a skeleton sound"

I've been entrenched in Warhammer since I've been back, basically. Sunday brought on the campaign at P&C. Shannon (Tomb Kings), Ray (Dark Elves), and me (Vampire Counts) played 2000 points total versus Thomas (High Elves) and his 2000 points. It wasn't clear who would win until the last turn. The bad side was able to kill off his Seagaurd(??) unit and then it was just about 2/3 of his White Lions, so we won.

Then I've been painting. I'm done with 4 Grave Gaurd for my army. I haven't taken any pictures yet, so I'll show you later.

That's the "skeleton sound." The "arrg" is because I've added my lovely Snotiva to Jennifer Government: Nation States. Currently it's has "a slick and highly efficient black market in Cheese Exports." How cool are those pirates! It's quite entertaining.

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Jamie Dawn said...

I just saw your response about the language camp. That is so neat. I could have used that one week camp to learn some Japanese before I left. Oh, well, I got by.
Sounds like you're enjoying a busy summer. Hope your July 4th was fun.