H.H. 2

After finally waking up and packing up the car, we went to Aladdin's Cafe for lunch. Pretty good. It was Indian food (duh, the name kinda tell's you that already). Would probably go again.

Off to Minnesota! But first, we stopped at the local Games Workshop (GW) store in Lawrence. Newgen had ordered a bunch of stuff and it was in. So, leaving there with a Dragon, Swordmasters, and 2 Chariots for Newgen, and a Necromancer, Army Standard Wight, and Zombie Pirates for myself, we were on our way.

Sorta. I said "Oh, I wish I had our army books!" I wanted to compare point values. So, Newgen decided to turn around and get them. But at the traffic light we were stopped behind a stalled car. We couldn't get around him because it was kinda busy, so Shannon and Newgen helped him push his car (luckily the road he pushed it down, was down-hill) and I moved Newgen's car. Crazy, I know. But true.
So, we got the books and actaually headed out of Lawrence! It is already about 2-3 hours later than we wanted to leave, but eh, things happen. We got gas and actually left.

At KC we stopped at another GW store and there puchased a plethera of fun! They didn't really do Warhammer there so most of their stuff was in a table with a sign for 50% off! Sweet! We looked through and they had so much stuff! If Shannon hadn't ordered a Bone Giant from Patch and Crow's he could have gotten one there. But we did buy 140$ worth!
Tomb Kings:
Vampire Counts:
And I think thats it! Okay, by now it's about 5:30 and we called Julia and were really on our way. A quick stop for gas at QT and dinner at Fazzolli's was all we had left. By 2:00 am, we were in Minnesota!

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