Pictures from Game Olympics

Yeah, but turn your head. This is from the "Stand on One Leg" skill. Chris, Jenette, and Shannon. Shannon won but only b/c I knew he wouldn't quit and my leg really hurt! Chris tried to make me fall by invading my side of the futon, but no luck.

These are our Disc-Golf and Mini-Golf adventures!

Jardine Toss
This is Jardine Toss (Shannon's toss). We live in Jardine Apartments and they have these wholes in the structure for that special 60's look appeal. You can see them in the pic above. The object of Jardine Toss is to throw a tennis ball through the smaller ones on the left in as few tosses as possible. 2 years ago, Aaron made it on 1 and I made it on 2, and then 6 and 11 for 3rd and 4th. This year was not as good. 9, 12.20, and 61!

Pool in the Union. This and Chris and I's battle for 3rd place. It was close, but I lost.

This is Aaron bowling at the Union. Look at the picture. Do you notice anything odd?


hockeyfrog said...

Aaron IS GINORMOUS!!! Holy crap its funny how backgrounds will affect objects in the foreground.

The Math Ninja said...

Look at the pins and the ball...

But I didn't know how frickin' HUGE he looks

The Plaid Cow said...

I think it was just scared and gave up early.

hockeyfrog said...

Haha.. nah, pins aren't scared of Aaron :D (Aaron, I'm kidding!) I saw that one drop funny from the pin-resetter-thingie.. that was a crazy game. The outcome may have been different if Shannon hadn't gotten that "strike" near the end. Or it might have been the same :D