And Done

Well, I got back from Language Camp around 7:00pm today. Yay! Home!

Today went well. The kids did a good job on their skit and they all left fairly on-time. The clean-up went fast because we did most of it in the morning. Before I headed to Manhattan, I ate lunch with Kei-sensei, Ken, and Randoulph. Good times.

We ate at Applebee's and I wanted a Blackened Chicken Salad, but they had new menu's without it! I was so sad! Randoulph said to order it and they would get it for me anyway. So I did, but they didn't have the hot-bacon dressing, better know as, the good part. So I ate it with honey mustard, sigh. So then for dinner with Shannon, Chris, Jenette, and Aaron, we ate at...Applebees. And they had the salad! Argh...I should have just waited. Eh. Glad to know its not gone.

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