Game Olympics Update

Game Olympics has seen two more nations enter. Harbor Coast entered in the Miniature Golf game and took second place. And Schizowania entered in Disc Golf and Miniature Golf and took silver in Minature Golf! The games will continue tomorrow.

Disc Golf

1st: Tea Republic
2nd: Grog Islands
3rd: Kerplachistan
4th: Nettethuania

Miniature Golf
1st: Tea Republic
2nd: Schizowania
3rd: Harbor Coast
4th: Snotvia

Stock Market Game

1st: Snotvia
2nd: Nettethuania
3rd: Tea Republic
4th: Grog Islands


kiryoku said...

I am Japanese.
I saw your profile and blog.
Have you learn to Japanese?

I don't know about game olympic.
What's it?

The Math Ninja said...

I studied Japanese in College for 3 years. I am a math teacher for middle school.

Anonymous said...

Can we have a "First Person to get done with their Master's Report" Game in the game olympics?

I think I could actually participate in that one.