Hold the "S"

I have a theory. People from Iowa (Iowan(s)) do not say most s's that come at the end of a word.

Des Moines - pronounced De-Moin or dɪˈmɔɪn (from here) notice no S in either word.
This is the capital and largest city in Iowa.

Defense - pronounced defen(d?), notice the S is not only dropped, but a
possible d has been added.
This is from the Koyote game. There were random Iowa fans in the
stadium and when they cheered "Defense!" They actually just said

Blackhawks - occasionally pronounced blackhawk.
Same idea as defense.

If you have any example to support or a valid defense (haha) to add,
feel free.


Jamie Dawn said...

I don't know any Iowans, so I can't add anything to what you've said.
Your post was pretty funny though.

hockeyfrog said...

Well.. Des Moines is French... I'm not an Iowan and I say "Dee Moin" myself. Being a touch Canadian and Welsh.. its "defence"... but those Iowans behind us were just idiots, so I'm not sure anything can be inferred about Iowans in general.

Ookami Snow said...

Well I call Des Moines, The Dez, if that helps. :)

Aaron Brown said...
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Aaron Brown said...

Yeah, it's french for "The Monks" and frenchies don't like pronouncing their "s"es anyway. As you can infer the way you pronounce the "Des" in Des Moines is how you pronounce "des" in french.

I always thought Des Moines should be renamed to "Des Moyennes", meaning the least or the average, cause nothing is in Des Moines, no offense to Des Moiners out there, there's nothing really in Manhattan, KS either :)

Btw my version of "Des Moyennes" is pronounced about the same, in case you were wondering...

Yeah, i'm still in my goofy-not-really-quite-awake yet mood, so sue me :P

- had a typo, hence the delete and re-post, oops