Yesterday we went to the best Koyotes game ever! I mean, the game was great the whole time. Instead of my typing, check out Shannon's post over the game. Complete with pictures and video. It was an awesome game!

Today we went to P&C for Warhammer. Just Ray was there. A guy named Alex showed up and he had 2000 points of Dwarfs. Ray, Shannon, and I played Dark Elves, Tomb Kings, and Vampire Counts (repsectively) against Alex. We played Warhammer Seige, it is so much different from Warhammer. But it was fun! My flying, swarm of bats held up his Thunderers for about 2 turns and my ghouls killed a unit by a gun and Shannon's archers took out a unit of Thunderers as well. We never broke through the actual castle, but it was fun.

In more good news, I checked out the store's promotional copy of the Wood Elves book. Awesome. I am really looking forward to painting and playing with them!

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