Days 3 & 4

Still at Language Camp. It has been okay. We have one girl who really needs to shower and change her clothes, but besides that (and the crummy food) it is good!

The kids have seen Castle in the Sky and Castle of Cagloistro (with Lupin III). They are both anime and good to watch. Very different from eachother though! Hey, I just realized I get PBSE points for those...sweet. (I'll worry about those later.)

Anyways, off to other Language Camp things. It's a fun time, glad it's only a week, but it is still fun.


Jamie Dawn said...

Sound neat. I don't know exactly what Language Camp is, but I suppose you're learning to speak a new language?? Hope it is fun and that the girl who badly needs a shower will take one!
My daughter and I have returned from our trip to Asia. I've posted a link to pictures. Hope you stop by.

The Math Ninja said...

Yay! That is awesome...did you have fun, I'll just read your blog.

Yeah, they learn a language all week either Japanese (what I'm doing), French, German, or Spanish. Good times.