Dinner and PBSE

For dinner I made Southwestern Grilled Chicken with Lime Butter. It was good. The sauce for it was so dark! Between the cinnamon, chile powder, and balsamic vinegar, it war really dark. The flavor was different from other foods I cook, but the lime butter sauce really made it taste great. The serrano chile's weren't too hot, but they provided a little bit of heat. It was good and I will probably make it again. I didn't use white onion, I used purple and I used boneless-skinless chicken breasts. Both are only because that is what I had at home. Good stuff. You should try it.

For PBSE...
Mission #100: Cook a new food +50 points
Mission #98: Watch a movie + 50 points
I watched Reign of Fire while painting. It is okay. Not a great movie, but not bad. The idea is new (to me at least) and pretty entertaining. It was worth 7$.

Total Thus Far: 4150

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Ookami Snow said...

That was good stuff.