We went to Lawerence on Monday. It was good times. On the drive there we saw a vehicle pulling some art along with it. Camera hardships lead us to a video and this picture of the sculpture.

We had plans for sushi. I have wanted sushi for quite some time now and I have no means to getting it here in Manhattan. So at Newgens, we made sushi. Giant Sushi.
This was about a 3-biter. It was good though. We made two more rolls. They had a combonation of salmon, crab, avocado, cucumber, wasabi, and sprouts.

Then we played Gauntlet and I got tired and went to sleep while the boys finished the game. And good news Newgen, they are making a new game! Gauntlet Seven Sorrows. Sweet.

To sleep and wake up. Tuesday we ate at Qdoba. A version of Chipotle where they don't wrap their burritos as well. Tastes good though. Walked around Mass street. Got Wax Sculptors tools. That will help me when dealing with green stuff and my models. Yay. We looked for screen printing ink, but made no purchases. More thought and research needs to go into this task.

Jenette and Chris showed up. We played some disk golf until it rained us out. I got a new disk that is supposed to go straight and roll. Great fun.

We ate at FreeState then returned to Newgens for some AntiGrav.
Fun fun fun. I know it doesn't actually help. But if you stand in the flying position (with your arms extended in fron of you) you feel like you go faster! Great fun. Wish I had a PS2 and an EyeToy. Guess I'll just wait for a 500$ PS3. Ahh...

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newgen said...

looks like a good story. kinda dark and sad but those are usually the best kind :) may have to invest in that...and a four-player adapter...