Yesterday we saw action at Patch & Crows for more Lustria campaigning. It went well. Tomb Kings (Shannon) and Vampire Counts (me) played against High Elves (Thomas). The battle was quick and not very bloody. Save the Elven Missile of Death (that isn't it's real name, but it very well could be). It knocked out about 300 of my points (and in a 500 point army, thats a lot!). Kinda sad, but it ended in a draw actually. Good times. Oh, my scenery saw some action, too.

Then I painted some. And I think I am gonna plan to go to St. Louis. Jenette starts classes soon, and I figure we'd go with them. So I'll hafta ask. It may be soon, like Wednesday. I don't know...I want to go though. St. Lois Mills is fun!

The PBSE mission for Sonic is still going. Yesterday I got a Pineapple Sprite. I have never had it before and thought it was alright. Shannon said it was gross. It had real pineapple in it.

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