First of all PBSE Mission #98: Watch a Movie check +50 points

I watched Miracle. Plus, Shannon watched it with me. It's a true story of the 1980 USA ice hockey team winning the Olympic gold. Shannon bought it for me for my birthday (about, oh 8ish months ago!) and I just watched it tonight. Very good. I really like sports and they did a good job of making you want to watch the game even though you know America wins the gold. Fun.

I looked up. It wasn't until 1998 that NHL players were allowed to play in the Olympics. So, we won with only college players while the Soviets (and others) could have professionals (basically since it's communist they didn't really get paid). Anyway, good movie. Glad I finally watched it.

I miss hockey. I hope the NHL is back next year. Awesome Av's or no, as long as we can watch the games, it don't matter. Also, I look forward to a good year with K-State. Yep. I like hockey.

On a side note...I am hungry.

Total Thus Far: 3300


hockeyfrog said...

... Hopefully we'll get to watch games. ESPN decided to not pickup their option on the 2005-06 season, NBC's was only a one year deal that never happened because of the lack of a season.. and FSMidwest is really crappy about showing Avs games, especially with you guys being on KSU cable... and no one has the altitude channel around here. It could be a sad sad Avalanche-less year.

The Math Ninja said...

Yes, that would be sad. But Hockey sans Avs is better than No hockey.

Griz said...

Don't fret none... ESPN just didn't pick up their option at the NHL's asking price. However, once a new CBA is in place, they'll come up with a new contract. The NHL doesn't have any leverage right now and ESPN knows it... I'd be mightily surprised if the league doesn't eventually negotiate with them for a much cheaper contract after all the dust settles.

Or you can and get a DSS and the NHL Center Ice package so that you can actually watch Calgary play instead of the Avs, Wings, Pens and Rangers EVERY STINKING WEEK on ESPN. Your choice.

(From The Fax Times) "The NHL, always striving to improve its product, is undergoing three days of tests in search of changes that would make it more appealing to TV and advertisers," says Jerry Greene of the Orlando Sentinel. "They might try... oh, I don't know... PLAYING."