A Day Without Broadband

I had to wake up at 7:30! Eek! I had "inservice" today and tomorrow too. It's not really inservice, it's "Hey, we are all math teachers...and we're in the same room!" We (the middle school teachers) didn't do much, the high school had some major work to do. And because we were so productive today (uh...) I'm going back tomorrow! We were told we didn't have to. But really, we have today and tomorrow and that's it get paid this summer. So we don't have stuff to do, but we found stuff to do. We are gonna do things that don't really need to be done. And get paid for it.

We'll we got a new tv and finished the Sonic mission. So, Mission #6: Check. +600 points. Yesterday I got one of my favorites, a Green Apple Sprite. Yum!

Also, I've met all the requirements for Mission #23. I've campaigned at Patch and Crows for long enough. Granted it is not over, but I get my points no matter what happens from here on. So, check. +700 points.

Total Thus Far: 3250

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