Looking for Thunder

We woke up today to rain (not unusual). But we check the radar anyway and it was gonna get bad. So what do you do when there are tornados about 70 miles from you in each direction? That's right! Get in your car and drive! We picked up Jenette and Chris and then headed to Sonic for drinks (PBSE: lemon-berry slush). Then we went to the scenic overlook by Manhattan.
Stormy Nette

While there, it was really dark. A man from some tv station was there shooting video. We could watch the clouds twist and darken and then they came for us. All of a sudden the clouds were above our heads and we were on our way back to the car. We got in before it was too bad and then headed south. The storm was moving NE. It rained pretty good and we took I-70 and then 99 south towards Alma.

Before Alma, we stopped and took some pictures. Then the radio said the storm was headed towards...Alma. So we went further sout. While driving through Alma, the tornado sirens went off! Well golly! Eventually they went off and we went to a quick stop for a break before driving some more. (By the way Jamie, the quick stop had soft-serve and slushie, but I still had my Sonic drink.) Here is a pic from just outside Alma.
Stormy Alma

Then we started to drive home. 99 South to 4 West to 177 North. While on 177N, we saw a group of cars driving the direction we we leaving. The last car gave away their secret identity, they were storm chasers. Apparently the storms by Alma got bad. Back home we just had some rain and a couple more pretty pictures.
Stormy End

Overall a pretty fun time. I still haven't seen a tornado since I've lived in Kanas (only 8 years). Today was close, but not close enough.

This last picture is a dash of storm mixed with sunset. Nice orange glow.
Stormy After

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Jamie Dawn said...

You will definitely have to try my Slurpee/Soft Serve concoction one of these days.
Those pictures are great. The power of Mother Nature is awesome! I love the excitement of a storm as long as no one gets hurt.
You were brave storm chasers!!