Still Raining.

We have had a lot of rain here. Actually, it is still raining. We have gotten just of 5" since June started and that has about half of it from yesterday! Man, that was a storm. We went to Panera today and ate food and watched the storm. Here is pic of Chris, Jenette, and a rainy window.
Panera Rain
I worked on my ghouls some more. Now I have 12 finished. But on the last group, I tried rust and was rather pleased with the results. Here is one model, even though I think the other one was better (I could not get a good picture of it!).
The Sonic Mission is going well.
  • 6-8: Coke Slush.
    • Kind of disappointing. It was coke with slush ice. So it tasted alright, but not like a coke slush. Probably won't get again.
  • 6-9: Watermelon-Cherry Slush.
  • 6-10: Orange Slush.
    • I've been doing...not very good. I don't really like this either. It tastes like a lollipop. Too fake and the after-taste is kinda gross too. So sad.
So better luck with my last 2 drinks.

Mom didn't come up tonight due to the rain. So I'll see her tomorrow morning.

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