I can't believe I cheated!

Last night we played a long battle of Warhammer: Lizardmen (Chris) and High Elves (Shannon) versus Goblins (Jenette), Dark Elves (Aaron), and Vampire Counts (me). Turned out a draw, but at the end of the game, while figuring our victory points to see who won, I found out I was cheating! Holy cow, I felt like crap! I was using 12 ghouls, but my army list only had 8. So I was 32 points over and kept getting rank bonuses that I didn't deserve. Sheesh. I felt really crappy.

Anyways, Scantron training today was so much more useful than the original one I had. Scantron is a company and our school district uses their web-based test as a pre and post test for all of our students (or secondary students at least). Today we learned a lot more of how to read the scores and how to use the features it has. Pretty useful, and I get a small pay for it. Yay.

On to the rest of summer. No more school stuff until August 8th if I'm lucky!

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