This Day = Good Day

Yay! Another good summer day! We went to BW3's and played trivia. Lemme tell you, the new Honey BBQ sauce is really good! I will be sad if it doesn't become a regular flavor! The final question was rough, but I guess and got it right. However the bonus was at 26,000 points! That proved too high for our 7. Too bad, so sad.

Then we played Super Tennis! Rock, rock on! I really enjoy playing that. I don't think I explained Super Tennis very good last time. It's a great game, if you like tennis, but are not very good, give it a go! You get 3 people a side. It is tennis in that there is rackets, a ball, it can only hit on the ground once, and you hit it over the net. But it is like volleyball because you have 3 chances to get it over, you rotate, you can't hit it twice in a row, and your serve can go anywhere. It's very fun. The only other rules we added are that you can't return a serve directly. It must bounce before going over, be it on the ground or on a second racket, but it must hit 2 things before going over. Very fun game. Very fun.

Super Tennis

This is Chris just around hitting the ball. That is Amber and me in the pic. See, 3 a side = fun!

As for Sonic, yep. I got a Cherry Slush, which I've oddly never had before. Not too shabby! Only 5 days left then I get my points!


Jamie Dawn said...

Three on a side sounds good to me. It would mean a little less running on my part. I love tennis. I haven't played in a long time. My fav sport is volleyball. I used to be really good, but I'm sure I've gotten rusty. Love the warm, summer nights. They are the best! I plan to enjoy the heck out of them this summer. Hope you do too!

Remember: Slurpee & Vanilla Soft Serve... you'll be hooked.

The Math Ninja said...

I look forward to tasting your "drink" and I hope you get a chance to play Super Tennis this summer! It is so much fun (and yes, much less running).