Super Tennis...How I Missed Thee

Today was alright. School went fine. About 30 of our students were on a school field trip to Worlds of Fun and about 15 were absent. That left us with about 50 students. Two teachers were gone, so we had two left and a sub. We split our day into 3 90 minute classes. Way too long to do nothing. But no incidents. Day went well even though I had a horrid headache! It hurt so much. I just left my stuff a mess at school and came home. That means tomorrow I have to clean. But we are just going to the park, so it should be fine.

After school, I napped. I'm getting really good at napping in the afternoon. 2 hours, 2 Tylenol, and 2 DayQuil and I was feeling fine. Buffalo Wild Wings went great. I usually do really poorly, but I won! I actully won! Rock on. That is too cool.

After that, the night just stayed fun. We played Super Tennis for about 2 hours. It was a lot of fun also. While there, I found a piece of trash that looked like a skull. See? Kinda neat.


Tomorrow should go well. I have to finish my potato salad so I get my PBSE points.


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