Chocolate Fountains by Sephra: Chocolate Fountain

Chocolate fountain

Chocolate Fountains by Sephra: Chocolate Fountain

If you like chocolate and fondue, then you'll love this! Shannon and I were watching FoodTV. They were at a Dessert and Coffee Expo and one of the booths had this groovy chocolate fountain! It would be awesome and it isn't that expensive.

When Shannon and I get married again we'll be sure to purchase one! Yum.


Jamie Dawn said...

Yum, double yum, yum!
I posted a little challenge on my blog today. Check it out. I know you're a numbers person (I wish math clicked for me like words do), but you may enjoy the challenge.
I'm suddenly craving chocolate!!!

kittyj said...

Chocolate Fountains are like the best invention ever. Have you ever used that particular brand of chocolate fountain? Just curious how it operates.