What a Day

Today kinda stunk at school. Kids are no longer trying and I am getting so tired. These weeks just last forever! Only 13 days left.

Oh, Shann posted a link to an article about a kid who used his cell phone in school. Now, rules have it that no cell phone usage during school. At my school, kids can have cell phones, but during the school day they are to be off and in the locker. So, if the kid needs it after school, they have it. But, if a parent needs to contact the student, they need to call the school and then the school will get the kid. At JCMS there are a lot of students with military parents, and we still hold our rule. Who knows was the circumstances were. Was the student lying? Did they use profanity? From my dealing with students (and yeah, they are middle school, so its not the best comparison), you can't bend the rules. If it is an emergency, then that is different. Most teachers want the best for their students and I'm sure this kid's teacher was the same.

I'm all for the fact they they suspended him. If it is okay for him to break a rule, then why not other students as well? Rules and consequences exist for a reason.

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