I know you can do better friends.

I took a Geek Test, and passed? I scored 25.04931%, which is equivalent to total geek. I never really though I was that much of a geek. But being female (5 boxes!) helped. Quite fun none-the-less. It is kinda long but you should go take it. I found the link from Hot, fresh monkey. (I have to give credit b/c I hate it when someone doesn't give credit to where they got a link from).


hockeyfrog said...

42.40631%. Better than the last geek test I took.. that was a 75%.

The Math Ninja said...

Wow. I'm impressed. :)

Jamie Dawn said...

Geekness runs in our family.
Courtney and I are currently in Seoul, Korea. I wanted to say hello and I will try and post some pictures after we get back into our hotel later tonight.
Until then... Hope all is well.