Today we woke up and went to P&C's.
First game...
Thomas was gone, so Shannon joined the battle between Micah and I. Micah's Orcs killed all but 4 of my ghouls. Yikes. But he didn't get any of his units in my deployment zone, so it was a tie.

Second game...
Micah and I played a quick pitch battle. I changed my army some. I took out the bats and upgraded to a Level 2 necromancer and gave my Vampire Thrall a dispell scroll. The outcome, all the orcs died! Holy cow. I won. Micah rolled kinda bad and that wasn't helpful.

After clean-up and purchasing a box of Skeleton Achers for Shannon and a box of Grave Gaurd for me, we went to Chipotle and now home. Good day so far. The trip to GC was nice.

***PBSE Update***
Mission #69: Visit Family
Got this one again. Since we stayed with Rhonda this time...+500 points
Mission #99: Eat Out
For breakfast on Friday: Kadee's +50 points
For lunch on Friday: Lone Star plus tip +100 points

Total Thus Far: 3950

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