It's been just over 2 months since we packed our first truck of belongings from Tulsa and moved to Garden. My first semester as a GCCC instructor is just about half way over already (C R Azy). It's been good. We still have a good deal of boxed items. It's been a challenge fitting all of our stuff into a house that already has all of what it needs. But it's working, everyone has been a big help in getting things as they currently are.

It's nice to live by family. We get to see Rhonda or Gary at least once a week. And Keagan gets to spend time with her second cousin (?) every few weeks too.

Etsy is going well still. It keeps me busy, in case prepping for two courses and teaching 18 hours a week isn't enough. But it's all good. We are happy and enjoying life.

Keagan has four molars, and has for about 2 weeks now. Her hair is getting long enough to get stuck under the neck of her shirt when we dress her. :) She will attempt to repeat words (finally), although it is usually just the first sound or two in a word. But it'll get there.