This weekend was another concert, but I didn't go to it. Probably should have. Shannon, Jenette, and Michelle said it was good. Too bad for me. Next time, that's all. Anyways. What I did do was stay back at Newgen's with Chris and Aaron. We played such games as NHL Hitz and CustomRobo. Dude...CustomRobo is fun. It took forever to get used to it, but then it was fun. Newgen and I tag-teamed against Chris and Aaron. It was fun.

We ate at Pepper Jax. Wow! Huge Sandwiches! Pretty tasty. We walked around Mass Street a lot and even got tea bubbles ^_^

Overall nice day, looking forward to doing not much today.

Oh yeah...Dork time

I forgot.

Last night (actually this morning around 3:30?) while driving home, I was kinda tired, but got to thinking. I really miss math. I mean, I used to hate getting stuck on homework, and failing every test in Foundations of Anaylsis wasn't too cool either...but it is nice to know that you know stuff.

Overall, the type of math I was using was kind useless, but I liked it. Which got me to thinking about the coolest mathematical equation of them all...


Groovy. eiπ is cos(π) +isin(π) which is -1 + 0 so -1. And -1 + 1 = 0. Too cool. Because...it has every important concept rolled into one equivalent equation! Multiplication, Addition, the Additive Inverse, the Multiplicative Inverse, e, i, and π! Cool.


Lawrence Protesters

Lawrence Protesters
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It is quite a nice snap. We were driving by and I just poked out the camera and pushed. Very focused and centered considering. I even got an old dude giving the peace sign.


Funny Ha Ha

Q: What does the little mermaid wear?

I searched for some math jokes and comics to tell the kids...we'll see how that goes. Game nite was fine, Shannon cooked and that's always good. Oh, weekend, I can almost think its Friday. Stupid one more day left...sheesh. Anyways.

A: An Algebra


Another 12 Hour Day

I stayed at school/work from 7:45 am to 7:45 pm. Long day. But I got a lot done. The seventh graders and I had some good talk about the state assessments and how they affect us as a school, as students, and what we need to do about it. Right now, I really don't think we will meet AYP. The target is 60.1%, for all subgroups. Every year, the black subgroup has been one of the ones, if not the only one, to cause us to fail AYP. This year it probably won't be any exception. However, that doesn't mean I won't try my darnest to help these kids out!

Well see. Only 28+5+28, so 61 days, including weekends left to start! Geez, it's gonna be rough!

BW3's was fine, I got a bonus leg :) That's always good. We went to the other Dillions, yeah, the one with a Starbucks as of two days ago. It's crazy. They've remodeled and stuff, it looks much better.

Well, it is 11:00, which is my "bedtime." Nighty.


What are these?

What are these?
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Summer 2002, Michelle and her friend came up. They were curious and tried our sour altoids!


Hey, what a day...over with basically and it's only 6.00 (even).

We have succesfully thrown away three packages of steak! Woo hoo! The first one we defrosted, but was too icy to be eaten, frost bite or somethin'. The second one had its plastic wrap punctured and was turning colors. The third one had dye or something on it and just in case it was no longer good, we ditched that one too.

Well. No BW3's, kinda sad. However, there is always tomorrow! Chris' scenery is groovy and Julia's joke is fun.


My Weekend

Starting off the weekend was my first concert consisting of bands I know. Loved watching Jupiter Sunrise, I even got my toes stomped on by the lead singer and some other dudes. It was good. Shannon bought me a green t-shirt. I'm annoying (apparently) and wanted a medium, so when Marc was looking for one, the display board fell and hit him (I'm sorry!). But I got my medium!

Hockey consisted of four losses, and 6 goals. None of which were scored by me, but fun anyways. I got a killer headache during yesterday's (Saturday's) second game, but it went away.

Well, I gots to grade some quizzes and tests for my students before I can get some sleep. So, here I go to work!

mata ne!


Dude...I am pooped.

Long day, but good. School wasn't too draining and hopefully their formative's went well. Argh.

Shannon and I made his PIFF Championship store on Cafe Press, very cool! Lookie, I helped so its gotta be cool. 'Cause I used my ninja skills...




Maria Dance Jan05 024
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Check. It. Out.

The third time's a charm...

I have one too. :)

I don't really know what to say...Today was frustrating...I am glad I am home. I hope my tomorrow goes better. Maria is in O-something (by KC) for a dance team now and my mom is home alone...:( I should give her a call. Hopefully she isn't driving or anything...it hasn't been quite 10 days yet.

Anyways...Peace out (haha)