We ordered some expensive pictures today.


I think Dave's all pictured out.

Today was our Christmas with Shannon's family. I will post pictures sometime. But let me tell you some of the main things thus far. We spent 3 1/2 days at my mom's with her and my sisters, and Jerry and baby Nicole. It was quite nice. We ate yummy food and got to play with the marvelous baby Nicole. :)

Then we came to GC and we have seen much of Shannon's family and opened a second set of gifts. Good times are being had and we are next off to Colorado to see Shannon's dad.


Sugar Coated Fennel Seeds

Mom and I went to the Asian Market to find fish. Instead we found a plethera of fun foods, including what you see above. We bought some fun stuff. These fennel seeds were not purchased.

One thing we found were tapioca pearls, like they have in tea bubble drinks. We tried to make them go, but they lost all their color and looked a bit smaller than normal.

Good times.


Grinch socks

Aren't these the coolest socks ever! Shannon and I saw them at Target. They remind me so much of something you'd picture the Grinch wearing. I love them.


Oh What Fun.

Yesterday Shannon and I exchanged Wii's with Jenette and Chris. We opened them around 10:30 PM and I played until 3:00 AM. Shannon and them played until about 6:00 AM.

It's pretty fun. I look forward to getting other games. Wii Sports is fun and all, but the possibilities! Oh the possibilities! Shannon and I are playing boxing above. I won with a KO in Round 2.


Are you running?

Today ended it. My first semester of real graduate school is done. I didn't sit around in "classes" and pay 1000$ per A. I sat in classes and was paid. As for the outcomes, well, lets just say I am never again taking a class from Dr. Haiyan Wang. I had two classes this semester, STAT 713 Applications of Linear Models with Dr. Song and STAT 770 Statistical Theory I with Dr. Wang.

713 was a pretty good class. Learned stuff did homework for a grade and that I understood. I took the final today at 11:50 and feel I may have gotten an A, at least a B.

770 sucked. I did homework almost every day that isn't part of my grade and I didn't really learn much at all. I had that final today at 9:40 and cried afterwards. That's right, I shed tears over a test. It was the worst test I've ever taken. Not hardest, that award goes to my PLT Mathematics test for getting my teaching license. This test was just bad. There were 9 questions, four of which he had not talked about in class. I think I got two right and possibly a 3rd. But really, even 3 out of nine is only gonna get me a 33%. I just hope I don't have to re-take 770 next fall.

But you know what? It's over. In a few minutes I'm gonna go eat something and open up a Nintendo Wii and play for hours.

P.S. I'm glad I don't have to teach middle school for week still.


Go Bioassay. And go Experimental Design.

For Shannon's STAT350 final he had a wonderful extra credit problem. Qwantz is a web comic that uses the same template for each day. Just the words change. They go from funny, to funny. It's great.

Well, he used the template and had his students write a qwantz comic. There were a few good ones, but this was probably the best. You can click the picture to see a bigger version of it.


Warriors of Chaos

These are my most recent paintings. I finished them before Thanksgiving. They were a birthday gift from Shannon. I really like the way they came out. Not only do they look good, but I actually painted them a banner. It's not a great banner, but it is a banner with something on it. That's more than I usually do.

If I paint two more models, my Tzeentch Chaos army will be 2000 points. Yay.


Sno Bawls

We went to Dara's for a drink. Their bottled drinks are too expensive, so we looked at the slushies. They had Bawls in slushie form. Needless to say we got a 64 oz. slushies with half Bawls and half Mountain Dew. It is not only neat looking, but tasty.


There is a thumb of rule.

Tonight was the Statistics Department Christmas party at Dr. Boyer's house. I, the Stat Club president, picked up the meat and cheese tray before hand. While Shannon baked some Cheddar Bay Biscuits, then Jenette drove him there.

It was a good time. We ate, played a game and just sat around and talked. A nice time.

One thing of note that happened while we were there, I got a call on my phone. But it is better than that. I had just (and I mean just) finished going pee when my pants vibrated. I answered the phone (because that's what I do when it's Jayme). She was all excited (as Jayme usually is) and asked me about a Christmas song. Here's her problem... Sing Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and then help us out. Oh, and you have to sing it with the echo's. You know, like "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (reindeer), Had a very shiny..." and so on.

Okay, sing it.

Did you sing it?

Now, when do you say "like a light bulb"? (I really would like to know, so please leave a comment and share. For Jayme's sake.)



It's not a great pic. But it is our Christmas Tree and it did post directly from my phone to this blog. Fabulous.

Now an example I don't remember.

That's right. She didn't remember the example she gave us in class. Brilliant.

So, Theory of Statistics I has been rough all semester. Last time we had an exam, she wanted us to come some night and take it. Psh. No.

So this time, for the final, it has to be really fun. What makes a test really fun? A couple of things.

1. It is the morning of the last day of finals.
2. It is part of a back-to-back finals day.
3. We can have as long as we want to work on it. So just stay (into the next final?) and work on it as long as you need. Bring food even.
4. Take it on Saturday.


Yes, she asked us if we could come in Saturday, after finals were done, to take the test. No. I actually spoke out in class and said no. She asked why, I said I wasn't going to come in on Saturday to take the test. She asked when we could take it. I suggested the time the university has set aside for our class to take it, Friday morning.

Seriouslly, take it on Saturday! She wasn't kidding either. She's just crazy. Liquid Crazy.


The First Card

Today Shannon and I got our first Christmas card of the year. It was from my cousin Teresa and her boyfriend, Chris. Yay Teresa! Shannon and I are almost ready to send our cards out this year. By this weekend they should be on their merry way.

Speaking of merry. I have never seen one of these before. When we were leaving Target today, I noticed this Santa sticking about 6" out of the back of a green minivan. It's kinda cute. I don't want one, but it is a fun idea.


Pictures on a Fake Blog

Like Shannon, I now have a cell phone with a camera. Also like Shannon, it can not post to this blog. So I give you this blog to see my pictures. I will try to remember to move them to here, but in case I don't you can see them there.


...truck...Target... and do stuff.

When I was little I recall a lot of stains on my clothes. I used to stay away from white things. I am sure this is a problem for others as well. Although I do not have a fix for it, I do have something to say about it now.

I wash dishes (by hand because I have no dish washer). I do laundry. I started to notice that many of my clothes had stains around the waist area. Hmm. Odd. I used Dual Power Spray 'n Wash, some goo-ood stuff. Well. I eventually figured out that these stains were because I leaned on the sink as I washed the dished and splattered myself plenty. So now, I always wear an apron when I cook and when I clean. It has saved my clothes.



Shannon found this comic. It's pretty funny. There's too many things to wikipedia link, so you can just go here and check out what you need too. Although, that may ruin part of the humor. If you don't know what the dino's are talking about, you can just smile at the fact that they are telling jokes and stomping on houses. How cute.

I can't wait for this semester to end.

Tonight we (Me, Shannon, Mom, Maria, Jenette, Chris, and Nic) are going to see The Hollywood Nutcracker at McCain. I'll be sure and let you know how it goes.

In other news, school is winding down and yesterday, my crazy Theory teacher turned around (in the middle of her introduction to the new stuff) and said "I can't wait for this semester to end." Then she waited for a minute with a silly smile on her face, turned around, and continued to teach us about the theory behind linear regression.