Happy Halloween!

All sort of happy this time of year!
Shannon and I carved us some pumpkins Monday evening. While we carved we watched Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin and part of Hocus Pocus. That movie is so much fun. It always makes me want to dress up like a witch!!

I made a haunted house and he a spooky tree. They came out good!


I feel the need...the need to pee.

I have to pee a lot lately. And it isn't just during the day. It's at night too. No, I haven't wet the bed. But I do have to get up around 3am to go pee.

So, last night, I was really tired. I was so tired I was asleep. I was dreaming that I was watching Shannon play a video game. But he wanted me to design him a level. So, he handed me the control, I was pretty tired, but I got started. Then I realized I had to pee. So I handed dream Shannon the controller, but then real me got up and fumbled to the restroom. It was completely dark, I made it to the bathroom, bud didn't want to turn a light on. On my way to the toilet, I walked into the vanity. Then I made it. I peed and it was time to go back to bed. Still, not lights on. So I waddled to the door put my right foot through and then smashed my head into the door! Really freakin' hard! It woke Shannon up. I said something, felt my head to check for blood (as is customarily done), found none, and then walked to bed, being very cautious not to smack the back of my head on the headboard (which I've done before).

Shannon asked if I was okay, I said it hurt and said said "Oh, I am bleeding." I could feel the blood circle around my eye. So I got back up, put a light on and used a wet washcloth to clean up the little bit of blood that came out of my new cut. I went back to bed with my new washcloth buddy and started to laugh.

I mean really, I walked into a door. I hit my head SO many times. It's pretty ridiculous.

Now, the skin between my left eye and left eyebrow is cut and a bit swollen. But my bangs hide it so no one will likely notice. It doesn't hurt any more. But it's still pretty funny.


Happy Birthday to Me!

Yesterday actually. But still, a happy time none-the-less.

As I'm sure you've heard before, we celebrate birthdays in our household with week of festivities! Well, the festivities are usually just the giving of gifts, but it's happy still.

This year, Shannon found me some super awesome stuff that I didn't' even know I wanted (well some of it). I got new shoes, cute little face stickers (see above lamp shade), a scrolling LED belt buckle (sweet!), the expansion to Pandemic ri(On the Brink), a Broncos scarf, a dinosaur t-shirt, a frickin' sweet staple free stapler, and a lego-type desk calendar.

And if that isn't enough, he said more is coming, it just shipped rather late. Right now, I totally love the staple free stapler. The idea is amazing!


Do you like your job?

I've been wondering about this recently. Do people like their job, or do they just do their job because they need to pay for things?

Then I got to thinking that well, is it even worth liking your job? If I didn't like my job, would that just be me being selfish? Or is it actually a valid desire to like the job you do?

The conclusion I came to is that you should like your job. If you don't, then there are over 40 hours a week that you are unhappy. Which just makes the rest of the 128 hours recoup time. But if you take out 8 hours of sleep each night (which I approximately get), then I have 72 hours of recoup time. Not long enough.

However, I do enjoy teaching at TCC! Even on days when I don't feel like going, I come home glad I taught and in a good mood. That is probably the way it should be. :)


Happy Wedding

Jayme and Charles had their wedding this past weekend. I want to post pictures, but they aren't with me now, so I'll have to post later.

I'll say these things:
-it was wonderful to see everyone happy
-it was great to see family
-it was really cold on Saturday
-it was a rockin' weekend


Awesome Day.

Started off today, the awesome day, by sleeping in till after 12:00! That was wonderful. With teaching on Saturday mornings and hockey on Sunday mornings, I don't get to sleep in ever. So, it was wonderful to sleep and lay in bed for as long as I could.

Then I didn't have a head ache today! Wonderful!

I decided I wanted coffee cake, so I called Mom, we chatted and she told me the recipe for my favorite coffee cake in the world, the one from McCall's recipes from back in the day. We made that, and it was fabulous. While getting the recipe, I noticed a sale from Etsy. Sweet!

Then we watched some football, and Denver beat Dallas! It was super close game. Denver's Champ Bailey stopped two touchdown passes in the endzone with about 7 seconds and then about 1 second left! What a stud! Denver is surprisingly 4-0 this year!

And afterwards, when I decided to work on notes for Tuesday night, I checked my email and saw I sold two more things on Etsy! Sweet!

So yes, sleeping in, coffee cake, Denver winning, 3 Etsy sales, and the day isn't over. :)


Ha Ha.

Even Reasor's knows its funny.


Mmm, darn tasty! Well done, Gala apple. Well done.