Blue Haired

It's kinda hard to see, but I dyed my hair blue. Here is a pic of it. Also, it is a picture of me and my "slushy." By the time I filled up my 64 oz. coke slushy, it was just coke. :( How sad. I mean, yeah I love Coca-cola and all, but I wanted a slushy...next time. Next time.

29 th day 0501

Purple Snowballs??

While playing frisbee golf today on campus, I took pictures of some flowers. Here are some crazy ones.

29 th day 061

Vampire Counts...Pretty Good

Today we campaigned again. My Vampire Counts army is pretty good. The whole thing were you can raise zombies...pretty awesome. It was fun. It was a good close game. Me and Ray (Dark Elves) played against Micah? (Orks) and Thomas (High Elves). Quite fun.

Now we are watching Pretty Woman, good movie. Yay summer.


What Happened to Count the Stars

Count the Stars is one of the best bands I know of. But they no longer make music. Turns out theat in September of 2003 they had a van accident and the lead singer had a collapsed lung. The band never recovered and two members went on to make Action Action. They are very different from Count the Stars, very 80's. Too bad. So sad.


What were they thinking!

Jerry Rice to the Denver Broncos! Crazy.

I mean, Rice is a really good reciever and they didn't use him anywhere near enough it Seattle, but still the Broncos? They are not the team I would have guessed to pick him up. They deal with running backs, and young ones. But I guess that kind of explains it too. With Rice, they not only get a really good wide reciever (which is helpful) but also gain expereince. All I'm gonna say is that it will be different and I might pick him up for my PIFF team. (Go Snotknockers!)

2 Versions??

I'm on my way to missions #54. I dyed part of my hair just now. Kinda bluish. The color isn't very good, its too green. But, if it lasts for a week (which it should) and I don't have to dye all my hair, I get points.

Today we are gonna go watch Star Wars III again! Yay! I like that movie. Yesterday during our contraband scan at school, one of the teachers whom is a Star Wars super-fan told me something I find hard to believe. She said there are two versions of the movie out, where the dialogue is different?!? Crazy. I don't know to believe it. But she has seen it 6 times, and had a Star Wars wedding, so she isn't just a person who saw it sometime. I'm not sure. It is crazy though.


Park Day II

Project Best Summer Ever Mission #93: Check +400 pts

Yesterday we had our secong park day of the year. It was fun. I played a bunch of frisbee and earned points! We were at 6th Street Park (??). We grilled cheddar smoked sausage and bratwurst. Free food donated by ConAgra for our trip. Very nice of them, there was a lot left over. And to meet the third criteria, I made potato salad and ate it. It was good. Abbi, Pam, me, and then two kids finished it off. Very simple, you should try it.

This is a picture of some of the kids playing jump rope. At one point they had 4 people going, but I missed a picture of it. I love my kids sometimes!

Jump Rope

Total thus far: 1650


Super Tennis...How I Missed Thee

Today was alright. School went fine. About 30 of our students were on a school field trip to Worlds of Fun and about 15 were absent. That left us with about 50 students. Two teachers were gone, so we had two left and a sub. We split our day into 3 90 minute classes. Way too long to do nothing. But no incidents. Day went well even though I had a horrid headache! It hurt so much. I just left my stuff a mess at school and came home. That means tomorrow I have to clean. But we are just going to the park, so it should be fine.

After school, I napped. I'm getting really good at napping in the afternoon. 2 hours, 2 Tylenol, and 2 DayQuil and I was feeling fine. Buffalo Wild Wings went great. I usually do really poorly, but I won! I actully won! Rock on. That is too cool.

After that, the night just stayed fun. We played Super Tennis for about 2 hours. It was a lot of fun also. While there, I found a piece of trash that looked like a skull. See? Kinda neat.


Tomorrow should go well. I have to finish my potato salad so I get my PBSE points.


I Heart Chai

While at Radina's on Sunday (??) Shannon and I got chai. They have the best chai. It is brewed from loose leaves and then you add it to the warmed, sweetened milk. I love that stuff. And today it loved me back.

I Heart Chai

As for PBSE...

Mission #11: check. On Saturday we watched the unstoppable Kansas Koyotes crush the Wichita Aviators at Landon Arena, thus completing Mission #11. +450

Mission #99
: check. We ate out at Macaronni Grill. I got some Lemon Butter Chicken dish, it was awesome (like me). +50

Total thus far: 1250


RC Auction

Today we held our RC auction. But before that, we watched a movie. It was fun. The RC Auction went okay. For the auction, students got "RC dollars" equal to the number of points they had. They earned points throughout the year by reading books in the Reading Counts program to earn points. It went okay. Some kids had a lot of money and dominated the bidding, it was loud, too unorganized, but somehow still fun. Only 3 days left to JC!! Woohoo my summer is almost here. :)


Real Fast...

Today we started our campaign at Patch and Crows nest. Kinda fun. Its different playing against not Shannon. Fun though.


Chipotle Is On Tee-Vee!

Chipotle Is On Tee-Vee!

Chipotle sends me e-mail up dates and apparently they are sponsoring a show on PBS. Here is the page and some links to "spots."

Milford Lake Field Trip

Milfrod Lake

Today we went on a field trip. We went to Milford Lake (all information you can gather from the title). It was fun. Kinda warm today, but we went around in groups of 25ish. I had a good time. Took pictures of the kids, and here is some of them walking during our scavenger hunt. The winners got bug lollipops and actually ate them! Gross! Good times were had.

Then we did 8th grade TGIF. Like a party for the 8th graders. It was fine. One of the students said he was gonna make me dance with him. Well, all he accomplished was standing in front of me dancing alone for about 2 minutes or so. Kinda gross I thought. Interesting though. Only 4 days left!


You scored as Obi Wan Kenobi.

Obi Wan Kenobi




Anakin Skywalker


Darth Vader


Padme Amidala


General Grievous




Clone Trooper




Mace Windu


Emperor Palpatine




Which Revenge of the Sith Character are you?
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So me. "You're awesome."

Yes, yes I am.


Mission #3ed

Star Wars

While waiting in line for 3 hours to accomplish PBSE#3 for +350, there were multiple light sabre battles. None of our pictures came out great, but the one shannon posted is okay too. Anyways, still a great movie and I still wanna to see it again!

Total Thus Far: 850


Episode III

Wow, that was good. It had me leaving with a feeling of..."I hate the Dark Side." Which is probably good, they are evil. So, not much Jar-Jar, Luke and Leia born, Darth Vader arrives, pretty fun stuff. It did a good job of fitting inbetween Episode II and Episode IV. I don't know a lot about Star Wars, but I know it was good and I look forward to seeing it again. I want to say more, but no spoilers. Just go see it (if you saw it already, see it again!). I really liked it and am glad I went. I didn't even fall asleep (I did during the midnight showing of Episode I).

Well, off to teach, I took a late morning so I wouldn't be operating on 3 hours of sleep. The kids usually notice that :)



I had one student doing backflips today at lunch. We walked outside and he just did a cartwheel into a backwards hand spring. Then one of his friends told him to do two in a row, so the kid did like 3 or 4 in a row. It was pretty cool. I probably shoulda told him not to, if he fell, that would have really sucked. But no hurts, no troubles.


Bye Bye.

Leaving GC

See, that is my mom making the I-luv-u sign to me as I left. I enjoy visiting family. Should do it more often.

PBSE First Points!


Check. Misson #69 Done. +500 points.

I went to see my sister graduate and yes, GC is over 50 miles away and yes I did spend the night at my mother-in-laws.

School is done.

Well, my college class. And it was actually done last Tuesday, but I just turned in my project about 15 minutes ago. Hopefully she not only counts it still, but gets it! I put it outside the door to her office, just leaning there...we'll see. I need to email her so she knows.

Anway, I have lots of grading to do, so as soon as Flickr stops having a "massage" I will post pics so I can get PBSE points. Ah, the week has been fine so far. Only 7 days left to go to JC!


It's been a weekend

My sister graduated, my sister-in-law graduated, my brother-in-law(???) graduated, and my mother-in law graduated. Lotsa graduates!

So Garden went fine. Today was fine at school I took pictures of my kids and helped at Night of the Stars. Not too bad. But now I really have to go work on my project that is very late for school! I will post some pics later.


One of Ji-Li's prized possessions.

Sanitary Belt

The 7th graders read Red Scarf Girl, a story of a cultrual revolution by Ji-Li Jiang. Their project was to make a quilt. They had to pick 3 or 4 important things from the book and make a quilt piece that consisted of the name of the item, it's description, and a drawing. There are about 7 quilts each with about 15 pictures, so I don't really read them. But today and I did and you should to. Go click on that pic, make it big, and read it.



At school we have a "wandering gnome." He ventures from classroom to classroom startleing teachers and smiling gleefully. So, about Tuesday he showed up in my desk. I kept forgetting about him and everytime I opened the drawer, I'd jump a little. Today I finally rid myself of this statue. Not quite telling where, just in case they happen upon my blog.




Pretty fun. Lotsa musica.


Hail!, originally uploaded by mathninja.

At Memory's shower it started to rain, and then to hail. This is a picture (duh) of it. The largest one I saw was bout the size of a golf ball. Most were marble sized.



I finished and turned in my Personal Development Paper for my grad class. It was due yesterday, so it isn't too late. Now I just have to finish my Ethnic group project, also due yesterday...

Just one of those days

Yesterday I felt like garbage. My tummy hurt, my head was depressed, and I just didn't wanna do anything. So I took a walk. I counted and just tried to clear my head. I got back home, had some tea that Shannon made for me and found pictures for my 7th graders. But really, I hope its another long and far between when I have another one of those days again.


Count the Stars presents...


I saw this book (it was left in the classroom by a student) and it reminded me of the Count the Stars song, "On the Way Home." So, I took a picutre and posted it. :)

I can't find a good link to give you. The band is done with. :(



Old Food

While searching for food last night, I found this. It is a box of Betty Crocker Chicken Dumpling Meal. Yich. It isn't that old, but considering we probably bought it in November 01, that means it is almost as old as my marriage. Needless to say, I didn't eat it. I threw it away.


Paint By Number

Paint By Number, originally uploaded by mathninja.

Awesome way to do paint-by-numbers...must try to use in teaching.

Sunday --> more ghouls coming...

Hey hey. It's all dark and stormy looking over here. No rain or tornados but fun still.

Working on painting 3 more ghouls, should have them done in a while. There isn't much left now, I've greened them, washed them, and highlighted them. Looking good so far. If good is a way to describe them.

Anyways, tomorrow is school again. Oh yeah, that reminds me. The district has a new tech program set up that you earn rewards for your classroom with. The first level is to pass the CAT1 test. Pretty easy so far. There are 6 standards each with 4 tasks. Some of them are harder, but they give you step-by-step directions and all you have to do is know were to go. The hardest part has been to "defragment the D drive" because I couldn't find the program, but I did and I got it done. My reward for this level will be a thumbdrive. Fun.


Math Music

The Mathematics: From myspace.com I found this group. Only has one song. Kinda good. Nothin' special.

The MathematicS: Also from myspace.com. Out of Maylasia?? One song and it's fine too.

The Sound of Mathematics: Here...(its kinda fun)
This site has GM MIDI files of algorithmic music determined by mathematics and the musical preferences of a human.
Math Music: This is odd because it links to Felix Jung, and that's odd because Shann regularly reads his blog. Crazy. But anyways...this article talks of how math can be made into music.

So, here is some fun stuff. I know there is a band out of the Manhattan area called the Mathematics too. They played at the Union recently, but I wasn't able to go. I wonder what they sound like...hmm.

Snotvia's Mascot??

Pirate Boy

Meet Snotvia's Number 1 Pirate!

Today was Jardine's Last Bash and this year's theme was "The Pirate's Last Parade." They had free eye patches and bandanas made of cardboard and mustaches and soda and nachos and popcorn and temporary tattoos. Quite fun. Then they had a dunk tank and a lot of people trying to dump the poor women. She went down a few times. This boy was the best! He had all the free stuff on and wouldn't move the bandana above his eyes! I loved it. Very cute.

Wax on....Rip off.

I wax my legs at home. I feel the two weeks growth time is worth it. I have a review to share.

I used to use Sally Hansen because it was cheap. Then I bought Nair's brand and it's awesome! So, if you wax your legs, try that one out. It helps to wash with an exfoliating soap before hand too.

Chocolate Fountains by Sephra: Chocolate Fountain

Chocolate fountain

Chocolate Fountains by Sephra: Chocolate Fountain

If you like chocolate and fondue, then you'll love this! Shannon and I were watching FoodTV. They were at a Dessert and Coffee Expo and one of the booths had this groovy chocolate fountain! It would be awesome and it isn't that expensive.

When Shannon and I get married again we'll be sure to purchase one! Yum.


What a Day

Today kinda stunk at school. Kids are no longer trying and I am getting so tired. These weeks just last forever! Only 13 days left.

Oh, Shann posted a link to an article about a kid who used his cell phone in school. Now, rules have it that no cell phone usage during school. At my school, kids can have cell phones, but during the school day they are to be off and in the locker. So, if the kid needs it after school, they have it. But, if a parent needs to contact the student, they need to call the school and then the school will get the kid. At JCMS there are a lot of students with military parents, and we still hold our rule. Who knows was the circumstances were. Was the student lying? Did they use profanity? From my dealing with students (and yeah, they are middle school, so its not the best comparison), you can't bend the rules. If it is an emergency, then that is different. Most teachers want the best for their students and I'm sure this kid's teacher was the same.

I'm all for the fact they they suspended him. If it is okay for him to break a rule, then why not other students as well? Rules and consequences exist for a reason.


Long time.

So busy. No posts. School only has (4+5+4+2) 15 days left. Still with (1+1+1+1) four days of not teaching, so 11 days to teach left. So tired...almost done.

Well, off to plan and grade. Game night was fun. We had Lime Chicken Soft Tacos. Accidentally made them without the onion, they were fine. Not too much to rave about. But good for chicken tacos. It was the 2nd time we made them.

Tomorrow is 5-5-5 or Cinco de Mayo. I probably won't do anything fun. :( we'll see if I can think of something....


[Boxed Thoughts] - An overview of human thought


[Boxed Thoughts] - An overview of human thought

Kinda Fun. I am 1909 and I say "Tea is bliss."

I'm gonna go have some tea.

Post-Hockey Freakisode

So, I was sittin' in the car while Shannon pumped gas*. I turned around in my seat, and *THUNK* my chair fell. Yeah, the chair in the car. The back went all the way down! I jumped and tried to figure out what happened, all the while hoping I didn't break the car. That would be bad. After inspecting my seat, I noticed that my seatbelt was hooked on the lever that lowers the seat. When I turned around, it pulled the lever up and back my seat went! I freaked for no reason. Good thing I didn't break the car.

*Gas at the Kwiky Mart was only 2.079$/gal! Shann used the Dillon's card and got 10 cents off a gallon. Sweet.

Never thought of it before.

Welcome to Mathninja.com :: Home of the Math Ninja Council and other silliness

But today I accidentaly hit enter too soon and was brought here. It is the Math Ninja Council. Excellent.



Ghouls, originally uploaded by mathninja.

I painted three more ghouls. Now my regiment consists of 6 of them. That should be much more efficient.

I figured out where Smo went.

While drying my hands off with an electric dryer at the Kansas Expocenter, I find myself reading the mini-posters, much to the satisfaction of those who posted them. One of them says the Kansas Koyotes will play the Wichita Bears (a non-existent team: Wichita Aviators and Neebraska Bears). Another is for May 7th Saturday Night Fights. One of the boxers is 2-0, female sensatin, Smo! She gave up being a Koyote girl to be a boxer. Awesome.